Laurence Dalton BA PGCE, local qualified teacher providing 121 English GCSE tuition.

Private tutor, established 17 years.

Helping your child's mind grow.


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How can I help?

I can help students, studying at Secondary School, who:

Please contact me to see how I can build your child's confidence and ability in English through online or home lessons.


Laurence Dalton experience and qualifications

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Whether your child requires some extra tuition in years 7 to 10 or if they are in year 11 making their final preparations for English GCSE, I can assist them on their learning journey.

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Hello I'm Laurence Dalton

I am a qualified English GCSE tutor. I offer one-to-one English Language and Literature tutoring, local to you, for secondary school students. Every lesson is bespoke and tailored to each student, depending on their specific requirements. In addition, I have developed a unique approach to teaching students that naturally excel in Mathematical subjects who may struggle to apply their logical mind to the more ambiguous English subjects - to learn more, click here.

I also teach students in the first three years of secondary school who require extra help just before they start their GCSE English exams.

Over the past 17 years my students have gained fantastic results and the quality of my teaching can be supported by my 'Outstanding' Ofsted rating when observed as a classroom teacher.

Exam boards that I teach regularly are: AQA, Cambridge IGCSE, Edexcel (Pearson), OCR and WJEC (Welsh board). So, if you would like to find out how I can help your child, please contact me below to find out more.

Planting the seed to grow your child's mind.