Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, the section below will answer any of your questions about the services provided, however, if you do need to know more, please contact me using the link below. I'd love to hear from you.

Do you have a proven track record of success?

I have 17 years of experience, gaining exceptional results year after year. Please see for yourself by taking a look at some of the parent and student testimonials

How do your teaching methods differ from other tutors?

I recognise for many students English is very ambiguous and something of an enigma. In most instances, my students prefer Maths and Science based subjects and their logical nature. I have spent several years developing a unique teaching method to complement the strengths of my students to ensure lessons are inspiring, interesting and productive.

How many students have you taught?

Having experience of teaching GCSE at three different secondary schools and also tutoring privately, I have taught over 5000 students. I have invested many hours reflecting on and developing my teaching skills as I constantly strive to deliver the best possible solutions and learning experience for my students.

How much will I pay for the tuition?

Charges do vary depending on the services you require. I provide online tuition or lessons in your home both of which can vary in length depending on your preference. I do try to accommodate all needs and budgets with prices starting from £60 per month. 

Do you accept child care vouchers or offer discounts?

Unfortunately, I do not accept child care vouchers as payment. I don't offer discounts on monthly fees, but as a customer, please look out for offers on the holiday revision packages.

Can you teach online as well?

Yes, absolutely. Often parents prefer online lessons only as this can be a more relaxed environment for your child. Online lessons are very popular and students do gain a lot from them.

What exam boards do you teach?

I teach to all of the exam boards, here are some of the most popular ones: AQA, WJEC, EDEXCEL, OCR, IGCSE to name a few. 

Do you teach English Literature texts?

Yes, I teach all of the Literature texts your child will be studying.

Do you teach students with dyslexia?

I work with students with mild to moderate dyslexia and have been able to support their needs during their successful learning journey. If your child does require additional support, I would recommend seeking a dyslexia specialist.

Do you have experience of teaching students suffering anxiety?

Sadly, I am very conscious of the increasing rise in stress levels in our children today. Having also coped with stress myself, I am very empathetic to those suffering with stress and anxiety. I am aware of the challenges students have to manage and sensitive to the forms it can present itself in; I always endeavour to create a calming environment for my students. 

Do you teach in schools?

I have taught in several schools over a number of years, working as a classroom English teacher. I have also worked as Head of English in one school and as Head of English GCSE in another school.

Do you teach Maths or Science?

Unfortunately, I do not teach other subjects as I am a specialist in English, however, I can certainly recommend private Maths and Science tutors. 

General Terms and Conditions

These conditions apply when purchasing lessons or other services: 

  • No contracts - we go month by month.
  • Payments to be made monthly via bank transfer.
  • School term holidays (with the exception of February half term and Easter holidays) are off.
  • Although it is important to have parent's support, I lead and control the format/content of the tuition.
  • All parties must speak to each other with respect at all times.
  • I reserve the right to cancel if I feel students are not committed to their learning journey.

Please refer to the additional specific terms for individual service packages.