Embracing how your child’s mind works

Mathematical minded students excel in my English lessons


Do the following statements sound familiar about your child?


  • They naturally perform better in Maths or Science
  • They prefer rules-based learning
  • They are less attracted to the creative and ambiguous nature of English
  • They can be confused about how to become successful in English.

How does your brain work?

Generally speaking, although the brain is incredibly complex, people tend to have a strength in either creative, artistic subjects or those with a logical and more methodical approach. English is considered to be an Art subject with less obvious rules which can be followed to become successful.


This has been an issue for many of my students as they have a more rules-based approach to learning where they can naturally excel in Maths and Science, yet find it more difficult to use this approach in their English studies. 

How do my lessons help Mathematically minded students?


I have spent over 17 years developing a unique learning approach to assist those with a more logical mind - helping those who would otherwise find English too ambiguous and without set boundaries to really enjoy the subject thoroughly.


I offer a bespoke learning experience for my students so they can fully realise their potential in English.


My English teaching:


  • Uses techniques to exploit Maths/Science learning styles.
  • Offers very clear rules for all areas of English so they understand all of the ingredients needed to improve their grades.
  • Explains how to embrace creativity in a more structured way, removing the stress caused when trying to approach this.
  • Shows students how to succeed in English so they begin to enjoy the subject more!


If your child’s learning style is usually more suited to a Maths or Science based subject, I am very confident I will be able to help them with their English subjects. Please enquire below to see how I can help.